We the creators of
||Brahmnaad|| Arts & Performing Academy
In collaboration with
RACHANA SANSAD launch a grand opening of
Bharatanatyam wing.

Learn complete Margam in 3 years and
get Studio Recorded CD as well as Practice CD.

Choose your own avenue in the carrier of Dance:
Art of Nattuvangam, Art of choreography,
Special Items,
Understanding Abhinaya Darpanam and
Approach to Natyashastra.
  Guru Deepak Mazumdar &
Rupak Mehta

(All Diploma / C ertified C ours e s) Courses: 1. Margam (Bharata-Natyam):Basic course of Bharata-Natyam ( Allaripu to Thillana ) in 3years. The learning process includes basic understanding of each item in terms of Taala, Raaga and word to word meanings. The basic theoretical aspects of Nritta & Nritya will be explained during the course design in the span of 3years. The course includes practice / performance Studio recorded audio CD , AT NO EXTRA COST. 2. Art of Nattuvangam:It is an art by it self. Here, the learner learns to conduct the dance passages of the Repertoire. It's taught on the wooden plank – “Tatta-Mani ” & wooden stick “Tatta- Kalli” and the advance “Nattuvangam” on “Nattuva- Taalam” – Cymbals. The training of this art form helps for taking their own dance classes professionally and it also opens up the ability to emerge as a “Nattunaar” to conduct the dance performances. 3. Art of Choreography:The avenue in which you learn aspects of composing. Art of choreography is the most sensitive subject and requires the maturity to understand the hidden aspects of the poetry. The two main fold aspects of dance – “Nritta” - the geometry and rhythm & “Nritya” – the expressional part to excel and express through the human body which is the vehicle to lift our self to the higher spirit. The subject will be dealt in depth to create a scholarly master piece. 4. Special Items:According to the requirements of the artists and the maturity to understand the chosen Items the special effort will make the item special in the duration that it requires. 5. Understanding Abhinaya-Darpana & Approach to NatyaShastra:The two texts by Nandikeshwara & Bharata Muni is the base and the strong foundation of Dance & Drama. The prime requirement of the performing artist to understand and analyze the deeper aspects which forms the language of Arts .As a viewer or a nonperformer it is very important to get to know the silent feature of theoretical aspects. F or E nquiry: email: info@brahmna C onta ct : +91 9619769747 www :